The selected case study is located in Albania, specifically in the city of Berat, the capital of the surrounding Berat County, as the principal beneficiary of the project. Prefecture of Berat is one of the most important UNESCO heritage sites protected in Albania, but also in high risk of floods due to the geomorphological construction of the terrain and also the dangerousness of OSUMI river basin.

For this purpose the project intends to implement the flood monitoring network of the Berat Prefecture as a case study for the project. A preliminary study will be carried out to evaluate the best configuration of the network in order to have an observational coverage adequate to the needs both in terms of hydrometric sections and the terms of pluviometric coverage. The activities developed during the WP2 will be implementing and tested at prefectural level, but also all the data produce will be integrated at Civil protection national level through myDEWETRA Platform.

The Berat Prefecture will also be supported in the identification of critical thresholds in relation to: the response time of the hydrological basins; the response capacity of the civil protection system.

 Support will also be provided to the prefecture of Berat for the identification of operational procedures for the use of the collected data to be included in the prefecture emergency plan.